Complete Footage of the Shoot down

February 23, 2008

US Department of Defense on the Shootdown

February 21, 2008

Department of Defense Press Release

US Navy Satellite Shootdown Latest Footage

February 21, 2008

Frame by Frame Sequence of the Hit

February 21, 2008

When President Ronald Reagan proposed a Star Wars defense, he was seen by some as a misguided dreamer. However this example shows that science fiction has once more become science fact. How long before other predictions for the future start to become reality.

February 20, 2008


TV Coverage

February 20, 2008

Channel 4 1 hour special

Keep Montel Williams on the Air

February 4, 2008

Following the cancellation of the Montel Williams show, an online petition has been set up. Please click here to register your support. The website makes it easy to see others who have signed and also to email the petition to everyone you know. This petition will be circulated to the broadcast community to help Montel launch a new show. Here are some tips from to help make the campaign more effective. You can make a difference, thanks so much for your support. More information